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Drug War Follies: Gorman's Column in Skunk Magazine Articles

11: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #12
Mexico’s President Vincente Fox had George Bush in a hammerlock and was moving in for the kill. Bush was pleading for mercy. And then, inexplicably, Fox let him go and got pinned like a bitch in heat. Ain’t love, power and the hope of a good job after your term as president is over grand?

12: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #11
Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive! Sir Walter Scott, Marinon, 1808 Into the abyss we go. Deeper and deeper down a darkened hole. A series of apparently unconnected events—based largely on the lie of fighting the Drug War—have recently occurred in Colombia, which, when strung together into a single skein may cost thousands of Colombians their lives and tens of thousands more their homes and nobody seems to have noticed.

13: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #9
Topics this month include hell and damnation, weak-kneed attempts at last minute salvation—futility, pestilence, subservient ass-kissing and sodomy—followed by fire, brimstone and large heaps of salt. We’re talking elephants in bras and ballet slippers, cities and towns raging in firestorms, Christ getting a Mary Magdalena blowjob while sitting atop a mountain and radiating those lights from his fingers and eyes, small people squashed beneath gigantic trucks, blood popping from splitting skin…You know, the usual drug war crap.

14: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #10 The Doctor Is In the House
Before most of us were born or, at best, were little kids, Dr. Tod Mikuriya was fighting to get the word out on medical marijuana. He’s been in the shit for it for the past several years. Stand

15: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #8 Chavez flexes and the US blinks, with a short history lesson in US politics. Meanwhile, the US once again hits record highs for marijuana arrests and incarceration rates. Let’s see you beat that, Canada! Hooray!
Last September, in a move seen coming from a country mile, the US decertified Venezuela—that pesky oil producing South American country with the beautiful dark-skinned women and that leftist bas

16: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #7 The long arms of the US Drug Warriors reach into the lives of the riveriños of the Peruvian Amazon, while professional snitches ruin lives and run free.
They’re all personal to some extent. All the calls from strangers at 2 AM telling me they’ve been busted and used their one call on me and can I help them. The letters from people in priso

17: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #6 Continuing the 38-year idiocy of the War on Drugs, this month’s displays of barbarism by the powers of prohibition include the arrest of Marc Emery at the behest of the DEA, the arrest of 44-immigrant convenience
Marc Emery busted. Seed bank shut. Sounds like something we’ve heard before, and it is. Only the July 29 arrest of Marc in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he was to speak on med-marijuana at a hemp

18: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #5 Med-Marijuana Busts in Cali; Rene Boje One Step Closer to Extradition from Canada, Corruption in Mexico and Detante in Peru.
The June 22 raids by US Federal agents on three San Francisco medical marijuana clubs and more than a dozen private homes represented not only the first strike against California’s medical marij

19: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #4 At last, some cops on our side of the fence: LEAP springs into action.
After nearly four decades of fueling the U.S. policy of a war on drugs with over half-a-trillion tax dollars and increasingly punitive policies, our confined population has quadrupled over a 20-year p

20: Drug War Follies - Skunk Magazine Issue #3 Flip-Flop Over Afganisthan Dope; Marijuana Psychosis in Cannabis Researchers; New York Mafiosi Busted for Pot Grows and Other Amazing True Life No Bullshit Drug War Cow Pies!
Nothing helps cannabis grow better than good fertilizer, and if there was any way to collect and package the Drug War manure spread around the world this month we’d all be smokin’ good shi

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