LatestAmazon Jungle Stories Articles at Peter Gorman Archive The RSS feed of the Latest 10 Amazon Jungle Stories articles at Peter Gorman Archive en A WEDDING IN PERU I never expected that I would one day marry a Peruvian woman, much less one from Iquitos, the river city at the headwaters of the Amazon. But then no one said falling in love was a matter of choice. I What Gringos Expect from Trips to the Amazon In my experience as a tourist in Peru, I wanted an Amazon that has not existed for hundreds of years, and perhaps never existed. I was always disappointed on some level or another. Things weren't wild The Vision Seekers: Matses Indians of Peru The Matses grow easily tired of guests and have many ways to tell them that it is time to leave. They may stop inviting a visitor to their homes or fail to acknowledge his presence in the puebla. Or t The Floating Slums of Iquitos: Acculturation in the Peruvian Amazon It is not yet dawn, but already the sprawling marketplace is coming to life. The great concrete staircase leading up the hill from the Amazon is crowded with men and women who carry yucca and sugarcan A Primer on Shamanism in northwest Amazonia in 2006 This article is a long hand version of a talk I gave at the 2nd Shamanism Conference in Iquitos in July, 2006. I wanted to discuss several important, but often overlooked aspects of shamanic healing, SAPO: An Amphibian Medicinal of the Indigenous Matses of Western Peru It was another scalding late morning on the Rio Galvez, not far from the border between Peru and Brazil. Sunlight filtered through the spaces in the thin, upright saplings that made up the dirt-floore PLANT MAGIC: THE MEDICINE CABINET IS FULL OF IT The sound of the little 36-horse power diesel motor echoed off the forest walls on either bank of the river like a roar, shattering the silence. Black caiman sunning themselves on the banks slipped be MAKING MAGIC Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, the Matses Indians use the secretions of a small electric-green tree frog as both a medicine and a magic hunting aid. Until 1986, when author Peter Gorman stumbled on it, CASTING A VANISHING PEOPLE: THE SCULPTURE OF FELIPE LETTERSTEN Golden-haired Felipe Lettersten steps back from the life-sized, white plaster-cast of the young Amazonian Bora child. He stares at the sculpture for a moment, then reaches for a piece of sandpaper and Julio Jerena, My Friend and Teacher, Has Passed 1916-2007 My friend and teacher, Don Julio Jerena Pineda, passed on January 19 at about 10 PM while in the Regional Hospital in Iquitos, Peru. He was 91 and his death wasn't unexpected: to me the only surprise